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Is this project dead or something? I had an idea to host websites on torrent client and i finally found someone doing it. i cant seem to download the beta. when i try to download the beta to see how it works i get a blank page with "No matching rule".

=I have some questions=

*How would an administrator work on a website ran on bittorent

*would Users be able to create Accounts on these websites?

*what kind of files would need to be uploaded, some files are sensitive on traditional servers that users dont have access too.

*How would passwords and private information on these websites work? where would they be saved?

*could users update information on the website say for example "A forum"?

*would each and every update by users force the client to download more data to your computer? what if there are terabytes of information and you only want to load what the user selects.

*How would you update the website? will it work like RSS?

*I want to create a "visual Studio" program with a website, would i be able to apply this so users could use that instead of hosting a site?


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