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First impressions and noticed problems


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Hey bleep team,

I really wish more ppl would use bleep. I love the concept of the app and where its aiming. I installed it a while ago but never really gave it a try until yesterday. I mostly use the app on iPhone but got clients installed on pc, mac and an android tablet aswell. 

I like how the app rather quickly syncs up all the devices once you got them paired. I try to give some feedback sorted on devices even though some feedback is general.


PC: up2date Win10 - Mac: OSX 10.9.5 - iPhone SE: iOS 9.3.5 - Android: 5.0.1



PC client seems to have character encoding problems. Using german umlaute in names seems to be buggy. A contact has an umlaut in its name and isnt displayed correctly. If I rename the contact name and use an umlaut its displayed properly for a couple of seconds and then reverted back to bugged out display of the umlaut. Could be a syncing problem, could be character encoding. The Android and the Mac client dont have that umlaut display problem.

The preferences on the PC Client are a bit lackluster. The UI seems to be pretty identical from the mac and the iPhone which has its merrits but it'd be cool to have some more options, for instance change things like autostart within the app instead of taskmanager, more userfriendly I reckon. (in general i wish for more options on all devices)

Also it would be cool to be able to choose if contacts should be shown or hidden in the sidemenu. Depending on contactlist size this would be really handy on pc and mac.

On Mac, if you want to add contacts, it asks to log into your google accounts. It be cool to choose where to look for contacts. I, for instance, have all my accounts in my OSX Contacts app, which syncs with my iPhone, where the bleep app has access to my contacts. It be cool to be able to access the contacts app from within bleep on a mac.

A proper attachment option/button in chat prompt on pc would be nice and convenient to add pictures or files to the chat. 

A boring, normal menu on the pc client would go a long way in terms of checking for updates, preference menu and closing the client for good.



There seems to be a bug on the mac client, that doesnt show a qr code to let someone with a mobile device scan it. "Have a friend scan this QR Code." -> below a white square.

Using Landscape Mode on iPhone is not convenient due to a bug that prevents the keyboard from closing. Also the keyboard with the "go to whisper" field is using up almost all the screen on the iPhone SE (size apparently matters) Tapping in the chat display area, not the chat prompt field!, does not close the keyboard, in normal mode (holding the phone upright) it does close the keyboard. This bug seems to be present in the android client aswell. But on android you got a close keyboard button in the android menu field on the bottom of the screen.



I wish there'd be more options. Like on android you can change the notification sounds, I hope this makes its way into the iOS app. Please let us choose Sounds and vibrating themes. 

Pls let us choose which way we send invitations to our contacts. My contact received 3 invitations with one attempt, 2 emails on different addresses and 1 per phone number. Thats overkill. 

Let us edit our bleep contacts or show their details when tapping on their name in the top field.

Maybe move the "go to whisper" field - on mobile devices I often accidentally open whisper mode simply cause I wanna tap the chat prompt. Could be positioned in the topfield maybe.



I wanted to give feedback but had to search for the forum, maybe putting a link on the bleep page would help. Ppl wanna get involved.

Pls refine that app, I desperatly wanna recommend it to my friends but I fear they will be turned off when encountering some inconveniences.

Groupchats! Pls! its a must in todays messaging apps.

Marketing! ppl barely know about this and its a shame. Decentralized, p2p, end2end encrypted messaging is the future! The whisper function is awesome! encrypted calls! you got so much good stuff in this app, go boast about it! But please please, do some polishing on the app! 

Get involved. I know there is a general twitter account for the bittorrent but having a dedicated socialmedia front for your product helps customers to identify and learn about your brand and product, see bittorrent sync now resilio. I, for instance, love to give quick feedback via twitter to several app developers, alot of ppl use facebook for that aswell, having a dedicated facebook page will also help spread the word about bleep.

Have a Donate button/option in the app and on the webpage - some ppl wanna show support by tipping

And at last: Keep up the good work! The world need a safe and decentralized messaging app like bleep! 

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