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Can't get rid of BT


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I was using Bittorrent for mac a few years ago but switched to Vuze and had no problems, but suddenly whenever i try to open a torrent it automatically opens in a 'new' bittorrent app that it says i've never opened before. I can't find any evidence of bittorrent in my applications or anywhere on my computer and no matter how many times i delete the 'new' app it always reopens with a different one.

I can't find a way to set another program as default it just always pops up that the program trying to download the torrent is 'Bittorrent.app' and when i reveal it in finder it shows as Bittorrent.app along with BitTorrent-Mac-41796.dmg, the numbers change each time. I'm really not good at computers i just want to get rid of this thing it's freaking me out. Help??? :(

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