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Status turns to seeding before downloading 100%


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I have a weird problem, have had it for as long as I can remember and haven't been able to find a solution online.

When I start a new torrent which has say 20 files in it and I just want to download 1 of those files, I click "don't download" on 19 of them. After a while the status of the torrent turns to "seeding" with the color remaining blue, not turning green, and when I check the files, it turns out that the file that I wanted to download would have only downloaded 20% or something, so I have to select those other 19 files and click "don't download" on them again, after which the status goes back to whatever percentage was really downloaded and only then does the file I wanted would download 100%.

Is there a solution to this problem? As I see it, the torrent downloads a little bit of each file and when its total size reaches the size of the file I wanted to download, then it turns to "seeding" and stops downloading the file I want probably thinking that it has already fully downloaded it.


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