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Complete Failure


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Starting up the program takes forever... A really long time.. It was dl from this domain.... ect... ect... There is a white box that apears where the program should've opened on my screen, then it loads for about 5 real(long.........)  minutes. Then opening any torrent file, that would normally commonsense a download, takes about 5...... minutes..... to load... Never had this issue before. Only difference in my use of this program is the machine I am currently running it on is a bit nicer than my old one. I'm not going to dive too deep into that though, it is running windows 10 witch should be the only important factor. 

What is happening, am I high? Sure feels like my teenage years. 


Edit: (what I have already done in attempting to solve the problem) 

1. Tried changing the compatibility mode to every available option.

2. Tried restarting my computer. 

3. Tried uninstalling and re-installing

4. Tried running in reduced color mode. 

5. Tried running the 'compatibility troubleshooter'

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