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DNS lookups don't pass through proxy


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I'm using the latest version of Bittorrent client ( and I configured it to pass all traffic through a SOCKS5 proxy: in particular, I activated all check-boxes in "Proxy server" and "Proxy Privacy" sections in "Preferences - Connection" panel.

But, despite "Use proxy for hostname lookups" and "Disable all local DNS lookups" options are both checked, I verified (through the network monitoring tool Wireshark) that the DSN requests still continue to be sent to the automatically configured DNS servers (i.e. the DNS servers provided by the router) and they aren't passed through the proxy (as it should happen according to such a configuration): in other words, it seems the Bittorrent client doesn't take into account the previous options.

Is it an error or do I have to set some other option in order to get DNS requests pass through the proxy ?

Can someone help me ?  Thanks a lot in advance


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