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Android Bittorrent client as an .apk file


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I was curious if there was any possibility that you all would allow users to download the Bitorrent client as an apk file instead of going through the Google Play Store.

I really don't like having a marketplace that requires me to register and use an email account (specifically Gmail).

There are other apps that have gone down this route and one of the reasons that I am suggesting it to you all is because of the aesthetic and structure of your website and of the Bittorrent client itself. It seems that you call care about details, things being seamless and effective design.

I would also love to see a Linux version but that is for a separate topic. What is related to this thread is that when you download for example a torrent client to Linux you get the option of either using the package manager, installing through a terminal or you can install the program through a .deb/.rpm file. This is what makes me confident that considering releasing Bittorrent as an android .apk would allow for more autonomy and also discourage censorship.

There is an amazing amount of uncopyrighted material and content that is within the public domain on the internet. Torrenting as a protocol is one of the most efficient and fast ways to distribute that data. I would very much like to see an application that can be viewed as legitimate and also as a means towards a more lax stance on the constraining of the internet.

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