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How is distributing content using BitTorrent Now cheaper than using traditional methods?


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Hey. To my understanding one of the benefits of using BitTorrent to distribute content is that it's a cheaper alternative than traditional methods, and this reduction of cost is one of the reasons why BitTorrent Now is a cheaper than traditional distribution platforms.

However, how exactly does the usage of BitTorrent make distribution more cost effective?

Let's say a movie maker wants to sell a movie by making it available for download through a paywall.

He can use a traditional method of having the movie stored on a centralized server, and when someone downloads it, it gets transferred directly from the server to the buyer. Thus, the main cost is the cost of bandwidth, either directly or indirectly through an ISP.

Or he can use another method like BitTorrent Now where the underlying BitTorrent protocol is used to distribute the movie. Does the movie maker upload the movie on the platform and then BitTorrent Now seeds it for him and gives him a percentage of every sale? If this is the way it's done, how exactly does the usage of the BitTorrent protocol over traditional methods make it cheaper for BitTorrent Now? I mean, both methods requires the usage of bandwidth, and BitTorrent Now has to pay for the bandwidth and this cost has to get passed on to the movie company in some way?

Hope someone can help me understand this.




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