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BitTorrent 8.0 Beta Windows Client


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I was having a recurring issue with BitTorrent 7.9.9, so I decided to download the 8.0 beta version to see if it might fix my problem.  The new GUI was surprising and is of course the first thing I noticed.  I think I prefer the old interface, mostly because it was more compact and I could see more information about more torrents at a glance, but I am willing to give the new interface a shot, especially since I am assuming it will be changing for all of us BitTorrent users soon enough.  However, I am wondering how I can view additional information about individual torrents.  In particular, I can't find a way to see a list of trackers for any of my torrents.  This seems pretty basic, and surely there is a way to do so, but I just haven't found a way.

There isn't perchance a way to just switch back to the old familiar GUI, is there?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.

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