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Can´t find downloaded files on phone


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I have an Galaxy S5, and downloading files with BitTorrent has never been any problem before.

Recently when I have completed downloadings, the file is nowhere to be found on the phone. They usually appears in the "Downloads" folder, but not any longer.

They end up somewhere on the phone, because the free memory space on the phone has been reduced by the size of the torrent, but when I search for the torrent it can´t be found.

This means that I am getting out of memory on the phone, because I can´t find the torrents and remove them.


Anyone else experienced this problem, or have any solution on how to find the files?


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I too faced the same problem today, and found the solution!!

In the File Manager, got to 'Android', then open the folder 'data', in this, open the file for BitTorrent, which in my case is 'com.bittorrent.client'. Open that, open 'files', open 'Download', and Ta-da! Your downloaded files should be here!


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