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Upload a torrent to share data, please change the prioritization method.

Guest the poor seeder :)

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Guest the poor seeder :)

Upload a torrent to share data, please change the prioritization method.

This article first written in Korean and then translated into English using Google Translator to raise the new up.

That sentence may not fit in the grammar.

Please understand.

Right now, the program structure of the torrent uploading speed to the fastest man

Priority is given to upload. But it has many problems.

You know, when you share data torrent tracker server is often used.

But this torrent trackers data is shared eases through

Slow upload speeds slow upload more then pushed from the priority

Ratio should remain in the tracker at all.

This is a private torrent tracker as well as clients within the program itself can be seen

Ratio also has a significant impact. Slow upload speed should be slow to upload more play.

We share data through a torrent, what is the reason?

What's this spirit of sharing information?

Away from the influence of big business on the Internet all information should be shared equitably reform in the content not?

However, the capital of each torenteueseoneun The more gained the high ground is better.

This particular data sharing LEGAL OR ILLEGAL is not a problem.

To use torrents with a lot of money to individuals to pay more the services available, using seed boxes

Upload speed is.

Paid Services in this very seed boxes or 100Mbps, 1Gbps or as 1Tbps

Incredibly fast upload speeds, some people can upload all the torrents from the tracker to have top priority doeseo

Only those who are always monopolizes upload.

Such being slower than those who write the Internet itself is relatively poor people the opportunity to upload

You have become inherently deprived.

No seeding, no matter how long the buffer is eventually uploaded ansaenggyeoseo end up being ban from the tracker.

Torrent program was created for the first time we had in 2001 called shared mental neungeon yireonge're not?

Finally, because most of the trackers who have slow upload speeds in

Not just because of money and upload speed do you write a slow Internet's way of original sin

Arises when the torrent seeding for a long time bonus points on things like smaller than a grain of rice

After several months of barely raking in collecting it be subjected to torture and ban from the tracker

Writes to maintain account. That donations of money or even no time putting an 's the only way.

So I BitTorrent client program will request that the structure fundamentally reformed.

Priority to people rather than giving you a fast upload speed of the slowest upload the first person

Upload a priority for the second time and then upload to upload to a slow one for the priority

Similarly, in another way people keep uploading slow upload sequential order, if granted priority

Upload Upload a fast one every chance it'll be able to prevent monopoly mishaps.

And it is the current world problems, torrents caused by

Causing excessive traffic to some extent alleviated the problem would help.

Any chance to upload a particular user is granted exclusively because of the situation torrents

Internet, a fast local ISP's traffic monitoring all the more in the intensive care had to be a victim of.

But to the contrary from people with slow upload speeds give top priority to upload, if

Simply because the fast upload speed upload to monopolize all opportunities to people to use up

Internet lines of business are an ISP over a relatively large burden of traffic, reduce costs will help ease nor

Overall, traffic, causing the area to be distributed around the world make a lot more in many places because

That you were born 10 years rather than revolutionary torenteuraneun sharing protocols than the past many days, eDonkey or eMule

'll Be able to maintain.

In those positions as well as downloading uploading much more distended, the number of people

Increase the number of physical ports that cause problems with the connection but not too much unless seeding

Port connections are more elongated than the existing level do not cause a big problem realize.

Besides the actual torrent client configuration options to set the maximum number of connections are separate parts

Could be set to the maximum number of active torrents and torenteudang maximum number of connections could be set to a peer, and

As far as options for the number of connections is very often.

It may reduce the need neulrilsu yeongyeolsu'll also have a big problem in itself would not try.

If this is a problem, upload speed, regardless if the first data information on data sharing in order ohgogan People

Set priorities, or upload it or at random, or you better prioritize Will?

More emphasis on high-speed Internet lines and a current priority of the torrent client protocol structure clearly

According to the economic gap between rich and poor seems to be to create wihwagamman more. As the slow, slow internet speeds

Upload upload eventually pushed from the rankings the hard way, just because the buffer ban from the tracker'm screwed.

Even harder to seeding upload buffer the gifts above a certain value tracker has determined by regulation to target traffic

Ban could be because they have not reached the end, not out there.

Upload prioritize these issues be resolved by changing the way to hope.

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