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Folder within Folder Madness

Guest Squeekybooty

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Guest Squeekybooty

Instead of retyping, I'm going to cut and paste a great synopsis of the problem I found elsewhere:

"if you download a torrent via a magnet link (most on KAT or TPB, for instance), it automatically creates a folder with the torrent name with the files inside. So if you download ten torrents with one file in each, you get ten different folders. I think it would be great to have the option to disable this, so that when you download ten such torrents you just get each file exactly in the folder you specified, not in a new folder within a folder. Such folder-ception just complicates things sometimes. And by sometimes I mean all the time."

So what this means is that for 100 mp3 files from 100 different artists, I have to physically go in and play a cut/delete folder/repaste in originally desired download folder action 100 times.


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