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Prevent Automatic Startup on System Start


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I am using BitTorrent 7.10.5, build 45272, but this problem exists in previous versions.

In the General Preferences, I have deselected "Start BitTorrent when Windows Starts"

I have also checked my Windows 10 settings for StartupApps, and BitTorrent does not show up there.

I have checked C:\Users\ERIC\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and BitTorrent does not startup there either.

However, whenever I restart my Windows 10 system and login, the BitTorrent client is running, seeding, and uploading file.

I cannot stress enough how serious a defect this is.

Typically only Malware is self-starting like this, leaving little or no trace in the system of how it starts.

Is this simply a defect, or is BitTorrent intentionally designed to be Malware?

I am hoping there is some innocent explanation, such as, is something else in the system starting up BitTorrent because of the associations?

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