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Add search field in Add New Torrent window


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Hey guys!

I have a feature request for the Add New Torrent window.

When you open the Add New Torrent window, there might be a lot of files, but sometimes you need to download just a few of them, or even one of them. So it would be very great to add search field in in this window.

1. This search field could be placed above the list of files. Next to it you can find the "Next result"/"Previous result" buttons.

2. The number of matches is located near the search field.

3. It would be nice to make the search algorithm to work not only on the whole (inseparable) substring, but also on individual words, because users do not always remember the literal name of the desired file. For example, if you type "sleeping vain" (or, for example, "leep ain"), then you should find "Sleeping The Vain" in the search. In this case, the words "Sleeping" and "Vain" are highlighted in color (or, respectively, substring "leep" in "Sleeping" and "ain" in "Vain").

4. Highligting folders that contain matches
a) If the name of the folder matches with the search query, the matching substring is highlighted with color (green).
b) If there is a match(es) inside the folder, the folder is highlighted in bold.
c) If both a) and b), the folder is highlighted in bold and the matching substring is highlighted in color.
For c): For example, there is a folder "Songs", where there are files "My Song.mp3", "Another One.mp3", "Something Else.mp3". If the user writes "song" in search, the following changes will occur:
-- The "Songs" folder will be highlighted in bold because it contains the "My Song.mp3" file;
-- Substring "Song" of "Songs" folder will be highlighted in green;
-- The "Song" line of "My Song.mp3" file will also be highlighted in green.

5. You can scroll through the results by pressing F2/Shift+F3 (previous result) and F3 (next result).

Thank you!

Add New Torrent search field request.png

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