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Bittorrent & CA ISS 2011 configuration

Guest Questor

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Guest Questor

The enclosed instructions for enabling Bittorrent v7.2 use with Computer Associates Internet Security Suite 2011, which are solely based upon my opinions and do not represent any corporate policy or statement from Computer Associates or its employees.

This set of CA Internet Security Suite (ISS 2011) settings modifications will enable Bittorrent v7.2 client software to work correctly upon a computer that is fully updated with IE8 and WinXP Pro 32 bit software. The settings below are recommended and tested by CA Tech Support staff regarding my concern that I could not get Bittorrent v7.2 client software to work correctly with IE8 and WinXP Pro 32bit. With the original ISS 2011 install, I repeatedly receive Bittorrent lockups upon starting that would require me to terminate the Bittorrent application. The CA ISS 2011 install software originally came from my RoadRunner ISP, but these settings below should also work with ISS 2011 retail versions. These instructions have not been tested with any earlier versions of ISS, but the general concepts will likely apply to earlier versions of Bittorrent.

Please note that these ISS 2011 modifications will slightly lower ISS 2011 security protection on your computer. ISS 2011 has four general levels of software protect (High, Medium, Low, None) and the settings below will change your software protection from High to Medium.

1.) Make sure that CA ISS 2011 is installed completely and correctly. I chose to disable the ISS 2011 Parental Control features during the initial install.

2.) Permanently remove ALL other anti-SPAM and anti-virus software from 3rd party companies before your attempting these ISS 2011 software modifications.

+ This complete and permanent removal of unneeded software includes and is not restricted to Norton 360, Spybot Search and Destroy, Malwarebytes, Kapersky, etc... These programs can block some of the CA ISS 2011 protections from working properly and will likely slow down your computer applications due to software conflicts with CA software. You have been warned!

3.) It does not matter if the WinXP “Security Center” service is active, CA ISS 2011 is fully compatible when “Security Center” service is also running.

4.) Listed below are ISS 2011 settings modifications recommended by CA Tech Support, which enable Bittorrent to work correctly:

Go to My Computer -> update settings

a.) My Computer -> Settings -> Threat Settings -> Auto Scan -> Checked

b.) My Computer -> Settings -> Threat Settings -> Email Scan -> Checked (optional)

c.) My Computer -> Settings -> Threat Settings -> Scan Options -> Checked for "Advanced Heuristic Scanning" and Checked for "Scan Archive Files". "Enable network file scanning" required to be UNCHECKED. "Rootkit & Hidden File Scanning" recommended Checked but is not required.

d.) My Computer -> Settings -> Threat Settings -> Set options for detected threats -> Auto clean threats & Quarantine threats for later review" needed to have Checked enabled

e.) My Computer -> Settings -> Program Access -> Set program protection options -> Registry Protection UNCHECKED, Program Protection UNCHECKED, and Code Injection UNCHECKED

* Note: ***do NOT*** create any "Advanced Program Access permissions" - none are needed

* Note: ***do NOT*** need to be any "custom Program Rules" created - none are needed

Go to My Internet -> view settings

f.) My Internet-> Settings -> Network Access -> No Assigned Network (lowers CA firewall to MEDIUM protection)

g.) My Internet-> Settings -> Network Rules (No changes)

* Note: ***do NOT*** create any "Network Rules" - none are needed

h.) My Internet-> Settings -> Browser Protection -> Cookie Control -> Checked

i.) My Internet-> Settings -> Browser Protection -> Pop-up Blocker Control -> Checked

j.) My Internet-> Settings -> Browser Protection -> Mobile Control -> UNCHECKED

k.) My Internet-> Settings -> Identity Protection -> Checked

l.) My Internet-> Settings -> Web Protection -> SPAM Protection -> Checked & verify Outlook is selected in Advanced Settings

m.) My Internet-> Settings -> Web Protection -> Anti-Phishing Protection -> Checked

These steps are the steps that enabled ISS 2011 to work with Bittorrent.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome… :D:D:D

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