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Downloads doesn't start


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Hello everyone, 

I've never had a problem like this one, so I hope someone has a solution for me. I've been trying to get some dls from <link removed>, and the dowload doesn't start, it keeps red with a "looking for pairs" message, either with Bittorent and Utorrent. The file has obviously got seeds, both applications are accepted in my firewall, and I've also tested the network port, Bittorent says it's okay. The onyl thing illogical that I see is that my Bandwidth says Brussels, while I'm in France but I don't know at all if it's part of the problem (and if it is, I don't know how to change it) or if it's casually like this. However, I can download from other sites, so I don't think that's the problem. 
If anyone has any suggestion to make about what I can try else, or if you know what is causing this issue, thank you very much in advance. 


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