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Seeders to become proxy host


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Hello my name is Benjamin and here is my idea :

as we can already pay to speed up bittorent and we should (or we already can) pay to rent storage I think that we should give the opportunity to Seeders to get paid because they also act as proxy host with their IP.

  • In theory : I'm a customer looking to rent a proxy so I'll choose between a shared proxy or a dedicated proxy and I'll also choose the country of my choice.
    Then Bittorrent gives me an sub address that is always connected to an hoster. I can choose to stop the rental at any moment.

Of course hoster has to agree to become part of the program and they get most of the payment (95% for the host, 5% for bittorrent) made by the customer as incentive. They should have nothing to do, just plug-it and get paid.

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