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Port Mapping


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Please i wanna know how to set my port mapping to get the right connection for faster download and better seeding.

Gee: Well, I had some problems when I first started using uTorrent, and read everything I could find. Having the right port open seems to be important. Under Preferences in OPTIONS go to CONNECTIONS, do not check Randomize port each start. Try setting port to 6969. Before I did this I had slow downloads and sometimes Peer Exchange and DHT did not work. I get speeds up to 1.4 MB/s (Yes, 1,400 kB/s) with a well seeded torrents.

This is with regular torrent or magnet, no highspeed downloads. My elapsed time for downloading a 1.81 G movie will be about 37 minutes using the connection at a cafe. Gorgeous NCSU girls running around in short shorts and tank tops. Ah, Spring! Good luck. When I find the documents on how to set up uTorrent I will list them here. I found some that were very detailed and that told me to use port 6969. I do not use proxy servers yet. Time Warner has no bandwidth limits as yet. Have fun and good luck, bluelacy

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