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Fresh install thismorning

Guest Dwayne Knight

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Guest Dwayne Knight

I installed your client this morning in order to get libre office in order to read a power point.

Anyway I ran through the installer deselected the tool bar it still installed this is probably what restarted my firefox session wiping out what I was in the middle of doing.

The manner in which it didn't allow firefox to preserve my previous session so I'm going to have to go dig through my history to get back what I was doing.(I'm one of those many tab kind of guys)

My time has already been wasted. If you can find the root cause that would be great. If you could also make your toolbar install for those who might want it not wipe out session history or automatically restore it that might also be good.

I'm running windows 7 on an intel i7 if there's any other information you need let me know via dark.cyberian.knight @ gmail.com

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