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An uncensorable name for BitTorrent?

Johnny Wu

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Hey BitTorrent community,
I wanted to see whether it could make sense to mirror bittorrent.com onto the .bittorrent Handshake domain?

For context, Handshake is a protocol decentralizing the root zone (to decentralize control of domain names from ICANN) with the goal of replacing Certificate Authorities (to rehaul Internet security and privacy). From a practical standpoint, Handshake provides an uncensorable domain name that BitTorrent can host its website on.

Since Handshake domains are top-level domains, you could even choose to host the website at just https://bittorrent/, without any dots.

Is this something that could make sense for BitTorrent? I'm not really sure if BitTorrent even has a problem with its domains being seized.
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