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Help - Seeding removed files


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Hey, I'm new to torrenting, and I'd like a bit of hep with something...

I have downloaded a few torrents from TPB, and I removed them after they had downloaded because I didn't know about seeding :P

So I'm wondering, is there a way to seed that file, even though I've removed it from the list?

I know I can just create a new torrent of the file, but will that seed to the original torrent on TPB where I got it from?

As in, when I go back to the file I downloaded on TPB, will I be seeding it?

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Guest Mrigank

no creating a new torrent wont help...

All u hav to do is load the same torrent again

in the client and it starts downloading.. But if you have already downloaded it,

your torrent will be checked to 100% and seeding will start..

N.B.: if the downloaded files have been removed from default directory

it will start to dwnload again.. Solution: move the files back to original directory..!!

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