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Bittorrent interrupting internet acess


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Bittorrent is causing an odd problem, knocking out my internet connection (which includes my TV and land line) once every hour. The laptop, phone, and TV are all connected to a router and then to the Internet.

By elimination, I was able to narrow the cause down to my laptop, and then figured out a way to stop it happening by disconnecting that laptop from the internet for a few hours after I rebooted it. Then I would be fine until the next time I rebooted, when I would have to repeat the fix.

But a few days ago the 'disconnecting from the internet for a few hours' stopped working as a fix. I can make the problem happen by starting up Bittorrent, and stop it from happening by shutting down Bittorrent, so it is definitely caused by the application.

So at this point my choices are to stop using Bittorrent and start using a different torrent client, or figure out how to stop Bittorrent from causing the problem. Can anybody give me any advice? I would prefer to stick with Bittorent.

I should also mention that the hourly shutdown starts at a new seemingly arbitrary time each time I reboot, and then repeats exactly the same number of minutes past the hour every hour until I reboot, after it which it starts happening again at an arbitrary time and then repeats it again every hour at the new time.

I should also mention that your website reassured me I am using the latest version of Bittorrent.

My guess is that either Bittorrent or something associated with it is trying to senned so much data it overwhelms my (very fast) internet connection which momentarily shuts down, but that's just a guess.

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