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Getting a file list for new torrents


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I have been reading with great interest about many users being unable to obtain a file list from a torrent before starting the download. This is a peculiarity in BT 761 build 27221. (Latest stable version?)

I attempted to upload two 55k jpg files to demonstrate, but was unable to. sad.gif Perhaps this is because of my status here? The moderators will be able to tell.

First you must toggle to list/column mode. The icon is near the top right, 3rd one from the right. It appears like a group of 6 small rectangles.(actually 3 squares, 3 rectangles) If you see the word 'STREAM' in the window you are in the wrong window. Click the icon again. Once in list/column mode, you will see the words: #/name/status/down speed/ etc etc etc,

You can select which columns to see by right clicking on the column name. A new window will pop up to give a list of available columns to display. Select/de-select the ones you want.

Now that you have setup your columns, you must set the options to display the window when a new torrent is added.

Click ctrl-p (preferences) OR click on the gear to the far right on the tool bar, or click on the word 'file', then preferences. (there are 3 ways to get to your preferences)

Once in preferences, select' UI Settings'. In this window be sure to check all of the following:

don't start the download automatically activate the program window

show a window that displays the files inside the torrent in advanced mode (IMHO the words 'in advanced mode' tend to be confusing, and should be removed.. where is the relation to advanced mode?)

click on APPLY or OK to save these settings.

The procedure to automatically launch BT from your browser and obtain the file list is broken. In my tests with both Chrome and Firefox, the window appeared with 0 byte file. I believe this is a bug in BT, and not in the browsers, as previous mentioned.

Here is a work around which appears to work.

When browsing torrent sites (like pirate bay) click on the magnet or obtain the torrent link. Set your browser to save the torrent file to your download folder (wherever you would normally put it). Switch over to(or launch) BT and click file/add torrent or click ctrl-o to add the torrent you just saved. A BT window will appear as 'save as' and showing a folder (presumably your download path). Under the words DON'T SHOW THIS AGAIN, click on the chevron. The window will expand to include the files list within the torrent, just like it used to! From here you can select whichever files you want from the torrent.

I would appreciate hearing if you found this tutorial helpful. Also please let the developers know of this work around. It will help them with the many questions they get about this feature.

Enjoy. rolleyes.gif


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