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How does my seed get completed


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Complete and utter seeding newbee here.

I created a rather large file (11.8GB) that tons of people want. I'm trying to be good and seed it but my upload in BitTorrent is at the max only 70kB/s so it's taking a while. My question is an idiot one: how does anyone actually get the entire file so there will be others who can seed it besides myself?

I understand (in general) the concept of peers and seeds, but I worry that as many hundreds (so far) are trying to get my file that I'm ending up sending the same data to them and not the entire file. So far I've uploaded 8.8GB, but if part of that is the same data then I'll never get the whole file seeded.

Or does BitTorrent manage things so that I'm sending out unique data and that by the time I transmit 11.8GB at least one person in the swarm will have the whole thing? (At which point he/she can help by being a seed and not just a peer?)

Just some words to help me figure out whether I'm wasting my time seeding such a large file with such slow upload speeds. TIA for any help.

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