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Download speeds?


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Hi there.

I've been using Bittorrent for the last month or so and my downloads have been perfectly fine.

I've always been hitting my cap of 1.4MBps whatever it is I download.

Now I installed this on another PC in my household for easier use.

However, since then I've tried torrenting on my original PC and the download is always under 100KBps.

Is this due to the other PC having bittorrent? (Note: The other PC has no issues downloading and hitting 1.4MBps)

And I have not changed any setting relating to the PC or bittorrent since installation of it.

Also, I have already tried reinstalling on the original PC.

I'm hoping I'll just be told to uninstall from my alternate and all will be good again...

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Well I decided to uninstall it from the other PC.

It made a small difference I suppose.

I'm still around the 100Kbps mark but I am averagibng around 300-400 now with my current peak of 700Kbps.. Which is obviously not really anywhere near the usual 1.4Mbps..

Also. It's not an issue with the seeders. I tested that already.

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