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latest build BitTorrent Stable (7.6.1 build 27221) messed up my mouse


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Very shortly after I upgraded to the latest build - BitTorrent Stable (7.6.1 build 27221) - my mouse started behaving very strangely. I could not drag and drop, single clicks were treated as double clicks, basically my desktop became unusable

I tried all the help suggestions offered by Windows and nothing worked until I uninstalled the new distribution, which corrected the problem. I again tried to install BitTorrent to try to complete the outstanding downloads, but I finally gave up and uninstalled again.

The previous build worked just fine, but I cant find anywhere on this site to download older versions.

I am using a PS2 mouse on Windows 7 SP1 running on a Intel Pentium Dual Core E5800 CPU with 4GB of RAM.

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