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Big problem perhaps caused by /associated with WSS://TRACKER.BTTORRENT.XYZ


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As of two days ago, I have been having big problems, and have noticed two changes, which may or may not related.

The operational problem is that suddenly, only a small fraction of the torrents I am seeding, around 10%, are being recognized as seeding by the site I downloaded them from. This applies across multiple torrent sites.

The second issue, not necessarily a problem in an of itself, is that at the same time, when I check the Trackers pane on a torrent, I now see another entry.


If I delete the tracker, it immediately reappears.

It seems a reasonable supposition that whatever caused this new tracker entry to appear is also blocking most of the torrents I am seeding from being recognized by the torrent sites.

Unless someone can suggest a fix, I guess I either have to go back to an earlier version of Bittorrent software and keep it from updating, or switch to a different torrent programme. This would be a huge hassle so I hope someone can help.

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I just noticed that if there is a seeder listed for tracker.bttorrent.xyz, both it and the other tracker have status working and the other site can see the torrent.

If there is no seeder for tracker.bt.torrent.xyz, neither it  both it and the other tracjer have a blank for status, and the website can't see the torrent.

I also found out that WSS is a web socket, whatever that it. Now I need to find out why it suddenly appeared, and why it is blocking mosy of my torrents.

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