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speed fluctuations

Guest neeraj

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Guest neeraj

hello everyone

when i first bought my internet connection i got dl speed of about 200 kbps and ul speed of 50-60 kbps.after a week or so it suddenly reduced to 40-50 kbps,before installing BT ,i got this speed by uttorent.i installed BT 7.6.1 three days ago.at first it gave the normal speed that i get (40-50 kbps dl & 1-5kbps ul).

2 days ago i suddenly got my old speed 190-200 kbps by BT.for a day and a half i got it but now it again got reduced to 40-50.

please someone help me understand why this is happening and suggest what should i do to get my old speed..thanks in advance.


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