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Provide Options & Settings Documentation


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I realize and understand the development team's intention is to generate revenue with the ongoing support and development of this program - naturally, as anyone would with anything they continued to put time and effort into. However, as a brand new, daisy fresh user that abandoned my previous torrent client due to sudden issues with the last software update, I have to assume - making an ass of u and me - that documentation providing details about all the program's options, settings, and features is only made available with the Pro version. Then again, the overview of the added features and advantages didn't mention anything like that unless it can be obtained via the 'premium support'.

Regardless, my first impression - while not set in stone yet without a concluding it definitively - is not a great one. I can assure BitTorrent's development team with some confidence that you would noticeably increase your customer base by providing detailed program documentation up front. I can also assure you a large number of users likely share this opinion. The additional features, advantages, and access to "V.I.P." services and support should be the aspects reserved for those who lay down cold hard cash, not the damn program's manual.

Please be aware that I am in no way resentful, upset, or belligerent because of this, especially when I'm not 100% sure some type of documentation isn't available through one avenue or another. In fact, a sort of comical concept dawned on me as I composed this 'suggestion' ... here this site provides me with a torrent client, seemingly using 'premium support'  as an enticement to purchase the software, yet I can potentially use the free torrent client to obtain some type of documentation myself. Then again, it's likely not a popular shared file out there if there are any seeds for it at all. 

Still, software documentation shouldn't be just totally unavailable as it seems to be - at least for a new user it isn't noticeable on the surface. The software should stand on its own merits, making the paid version worth it with the added advantages, features, etc. alone. At first glance, it appears as though extensive information about the client side options and settings is part of that package deal and, frankly, it suggests the other additions included in the paid version aren't good enough on their own.

If I've somehow overlooked a basic rundown of the settings somewhere and have rambled on as I have, please consider this post from the jackass that took time out of his day to make a complete fool of himself and have a laugh! LOL Either way, this is just feedback. I'm not all pissy about it. I just wanted to provide insight from the end user's point of view - one that is likely not just one user's opinion. Perhaps the 'premium support'  department could provide some statistics to show the number of requesting anything remotely similar or related to this.

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