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Mouse pointer/cursor "Snap To" in Windows


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Hello and Good Day,

In Windows > Mouse Properties, on the Pointer Options tab, there is a selectable feature called Snap To which automatically places, snaps, the pointer/cursor on the active button in a popup.  If you want, say, Yes and the active button is No, it's an short, quick move to click Yes.  For example, when a torrent is finished downloading and I want to stop seeding and remove it from the list, I highlight it and click the Trash Can in the Ribbon.  A popup window asks if I'm sure with a Yes and No button.  The Mouse Snap To feature is not turned On by default, so I always turn it On, but it does not work in most Open Source  programs/apps and it does not work in BitTorrent.

Snap To is very convenient and is great for laptops with only a touchpad, in my opinion, and it would be great if it worked in every popup that BitTorrent may use.  I would think it would automatically be allowed in one place in the code, like a Module, to activate all popups for Snap To in all cases, if selected in Windows > Mouse Properties > Pointer Options, and maybe use a Call from there, but whatever it takes would be appreciated.  I am not a programmer/coder, but I think my names used, Module and Call, will relay the coding meaning.

If this feature request is accepted, please include it in all Windows programming for every program/app in your line in their next update/upgrade hereout and in all OSes that have something similar.  If it's already in Preferences/Settings, I have not found it.

I think this "Are you sure?, Yes/No" popup is a good thing, so I don't want to deactivate it, nor any other popups.  I just want Snap To to work, please.

Thanks in advance,


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