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BitTorrent/uTorrent Hangs

Guest Jörgen Björkman

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Guest Jörgen Björkman

I previously had a hardware error on C: that caused BitTorrent to stop working.

I installed Iolo System Mechanic on the computer and did a scan.

Errors were found. Some where repaired and some where not.

I bought a new HD and cloned my old Corrupt HD to the new one.

I swapped the disk and booted my computer

I reran Iolo System Mechanic and Fixed all errors that were found. SM also did a reboot and a chkdsk on c:

SM can find no fauls with my computer.

I upgraded BitToorent to the latest version to make shure that none of its files were corrupt.

I started BitTorrent 7.6.1 and added some torrent files and went to do other things.

When I returned to check on BitTorrent it had stopped working.

I killed the process and restarted BitTorrent.

BitTorret began a check of all downloads and before the check was complete BitTorrent had stopped working again.

I tried several times with the same result.

I Installed uTorrent 3.1.3 on the computer

I configured it to use the same folders as BitTorrent and loaded the same torrent files.

uTorrent started checking and downloading so I went away again and did other things.

When I returned uTorrent had stopped working.

I killed the process and restarted uTorrent. It started to check a few files and stopped working again.


What ever is causing the problem BitTorrent/uTorrent needs better error handling to prevent it from crashing.

Suggestion 1: Introduce some loggning function in BitTorrent/uTorrent that I can switch on when I'm experiencing problems.

I can then send the logfile to BitTorrent and have them look at it to find a possible bug in the software.

Suggestion 2: A design change: let each torrent be handled by its own process (BitTorrent.dll) and have a Master Process (BitTorrent.exe) handle the UI an monitor/restart the sub processes.


This problem is bugging the shit out of me. I have done all I can think of and the problem persists. I simply can't get BitTorrent/uTorrent to walk and I cannot find any fault with my computer.

ANY help that can resolve this problem is appreciated.

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Guest Haggisdog

I have the same problem. I installed and then had to use a System Restore to a previous point and that's where my bit torrent problems began. I re-installed and the program runs but it quickly hangs while checking torrents. I've scrubbed registry and tried reinstalling but still have the same problem.

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