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some task in bittorent app cannot conect to private tracker but some task can connect. And I can not force it to connect to tracker.


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I use bittorrent client ver. 7.11 build 46923 32 bit with windows 11.


when number of my task is not more than 200, it work fine, easy to connect to private tracker.

but when number of my task is around 300-360 task, I found some task can not connect to private tracker but the other task can connect to same tracker.

when I found torrent task did not connect to tracker, it is difficult to make it connect to tracker. I do something as below for connect to tracker.

1. stop task and start this task again, it did not connect to tracker.

2. update tracker, it did not connect to tracker.

3. close bittorrent app. and restart app., it did not connect to tracker.

4. remove task and download this torrent file again., it did not connect to tracker.

I think it may be about number of task or number of queue then I change this number to 1000 as shown in attached picture.

1. torrent task that cannot conect to private tracker. https://uppic.cloud/ib/0DYF8fHdV9
2. torrent task that can connect to private tracker at same time. https://uppic.cloud/ib/pVVvuMqOX9

3. bittorrent app.'s bandwidth setting. https://uppic.cloud/ib/Mo5Z4FtwNY

4. bittorrent app.'s queueing setting. https://uppic.cloud/ib/ieomWFVu2a

last time i use utorrent, i found same problem when i use 200-300 tasks.
then I ask for someone who can suggest me to solve this. thank you.



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