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Cannot download new torrents


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I have had this problem for some time and am on the verge of giving up on bittorrent. I have reinstalled and tried a lot of suggestions that have been posted both to these forums and many others. Ordinarily I would not make a forum post but I would like to solve this rather than just ditch bittorrent entirely. It appears to be explicitly an issue with the downloadable client, as the web browser client works just fine (albeit much slower).

Every time I try to add a torrent, the dialogue box which allows me to select where to save it and see the files I would be downloading does not appear. It does not show up on a different screen, it does not show up behind the window, it does not show as an option when I alt-tab. It does not open. The torrent does not download and is added to the Hidden list. I can only see this when I shut down bittorrent and start it up again. I am unable to start the torrent, force start the torrent, or apparently do anything to it except delete it. Here is a screenshot of that

As I said, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and tried several fixes from the web. What am I missing? I am using Windows 10.

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