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Newbie: seeding? BTguard? help.

Guest Gretchen

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Guest Gretchen

Hey peoples.

so my names Gretchen, I love downloading, Trey Parker and Matt Stone hit it on the head, who cares if millionares cant build a third pool.

I want to seed. I dont want to be a leecher.

My client is Bittorrent 7.6. Im looking for the readme file but Im a little bit ADD.

Can someone point me to the basic way to seed? And does seeding basically mean that you share your downloads with other people so its easier to find stuff?

Ill totally do that when I can, I assume that means it has to stay in the downloads folder?

And I want to get a anonymizer thingie for my downloading, whats a good one? I think VPN is my favorite and I can afford a few bucks a month but has anyone tried them out?



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