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Help with 2 problems

Guest Anthony

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Guest Anthony

First problem is bittorrent is taking up all of my memory and bringing my computer to a stand still, I checked task manager and my physical memory usage is almost maxed and in the processes bittorrent is using over 900,000K of memory. I don't know if this info helps or if its relevant but it just started happening last week, the problem resolved itself and then started up again today. Is there settings or some simple fix as maybe im doing something wrong, but this has never happened in my years of bittorrent use. In fact I never had a single problem with bittorrent up until the recent upgrade that happened a while ago.

Problem 2 is a common problem ive seen addressed through searches but there doesn't seem to be an answer. So Flushing to disk, i tried changing the options like someone posted a long time ago that didnt help, and it seems to happen with most torrents. I download an episode of a TV show and the download itself takes about 3 minutes and the flushing to disk takes 24 minutes, its driving me crazy. Has there been a fix yet? I try to stop the torrent and force a re-check but then bittorrent freezes up for about 20 minutes anyway.

Can anyone help me out, i tried searching through here but didnt seem to find an answer. if there is no solution can someone recommend another client, i know I probably wont get much support on that request since this is bittorrent's website, but I need this solved.

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