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can't download

Guest Sharika

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Guest Sharika

I bought BitTorrentPlus 7.6.1 two days ago and it does not work. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit.

I clicked on update and it says there are no updates available.

Here are my steps to attempt to download some episodes from Survivor: Season 24

Type in google: torrent survivor S24e8

I choose:


a download page opens, I click download, it asks if I want to run or save.

Neither works.

It asks me if I want to run or save the file from dl.intellidownload.com… (I thought I was at torrentz.eu)

I click RUN

Warning message tells me survivor_s24e8_Full_Download.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer. I thought this was supposed to be easy???

Will try another link: http://anytorrentsdownload.com/torrents_search/?search=survivor%20S24E8

I click on the second option FULL VERSION.

Warning message: there is a problem with this website’s security certificate

I return to previous page and click on HIGH SPEED

Scroll down to S24E8, click on that link

This page opens: http://extratorrent.com/torrent/2656525/Survivor+S24E08+Just+Annihilate+Them+HDTV+XviD-FQM%5Bettv%5D.html

I click on ‘download torrent’ and am directed to this page: http://mgid.com/mg4379.html

I close that window, am now at


there are naked women all over the page and popups inviting me to meet them in Santiago (I am in Chile).

I click on DOWNLOAD and a small window opens and asks if I want to open or save 1631548DD5D8F04BC8E72C324B656CB90240DE2.torrent from torrage.ws.

I am familiar with this question, it always ends the same. I click OPEN

A small window opens titled SURVIVOR… add new torrent…

with SAVE AS: destination is my download file and does not give me the option to save. After the destination address, there are three dots, when I click on them and it opens the destination folder, I select the download folder, then I am back to the same window. It has returned.. the SAVE AS window. I can either close the window in the upper right corner X, or click on don’t show this again, or click on the 3 dots to choose the folder.

Nothing else happens, no download. Nada.

So back to the webpage and this time I choose SAVE and get a message within seconds that the download was completed.

I look in download folder, there are a number of survivor files. I click on one from dl.intellidownload.com, and .exe file and then I choose RUN and arrive at a window, WELCOME to EASY DOWNLOAD wizard click next to start the download of your file: Survivor_S24e8_Full_Download. I click BEGIN DOWNLOAD, I get a page with options to set startsearcher.com as homepage.. I unclick, homepage engine… I unclick and although I cannot read the terms and conditions I click BEGIN DOWNLOAD and get the message, no results found.

The next time I say okay to the startsearcher.com as homepage, click BEGIN DOWNLOAD, same message… no results found. But this time I get a message from my antivirus that it successfully blocked a bad program.

I go back to the download section and try to OPEN the other survivor files that are not from EXE files from dl.intellidownload.com, they are torrent files from torrage.ws, I keep getting the small SAVE AS window that will not let me go any further. This continual return to the SAVE As window even happens when I use the Bit Torrent search window (which directs me to BING search) to find Survivor torrents

Please help.

Thank you

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when I try to open the file from BitTorrentPlus, I find the file and then get that same SAVE AS window with the only options being click on the 3 dots to open folders to save in, or click on upper right corner X to close or click on lower left corner (dont show this again). Even if I click on Dont show this again, when I try to open the file again from BTP, I get the same SAVE AS window.

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