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Help! Can't tell what to put my settings!! (Bittorrent 7.6.1)


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When I do the setup guide there is no location for my city, I don't know if that matters, so I tried speed tests on other locations and speedtest.net

Speedtest.net: D/L 33.36 mbps. U/L 5.08 mbps

Bittorrent: D/L 22.2 mbps 4.9 mbps

Then I did some other tests for bit torrent the lowest I got was 15 D/L mbps and 4.5 U/L mbps.

I do NOT know what my maximum number of connections and limit for U/L and D/L should be, please help me out.

I'm just tired of having good internet, yet when I download some low seed torrents, it goes at .1 kbps. I also fixed my firewall, the only thing left I should do is get the right settings on bittorrent.

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