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i think i'm having problem with my p2p connection


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Hi guys.

I've been using BitTorrent like 6 months. I've never encountered any problem with it. My average download speed is around 300-400+ kB/s.

Ok now is the new part of the story.

I just get my new mobile internet package last month. I also subscribe an VPN with it since it only has 700mb/month quota. I seek a help from my friend to setup the VPN since I don't know how to do it. My download speed (for torrent of course) when using this new mobile internet + VPN is around 100-300 kB/s. It's quite worth since I only paid around 6 USD for monthly subscription.

But when I'm not using VPN my torrent download speed hardly can reach 10 kB/s. At the same time I tried to download a file directly from the internet without using torrent(i tried google chrome and IDM) my download speed is around 200-400 kB/s. I also can't play online game, it seems like my p2p connection is having problem.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks in advance. *sorry if i have grammar error english is not my first language


my speedtest result

here's another one


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