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Guest Kinson

I will just copy and paste from what I typed out for someone else in their post..

Seeding is uploading.

Lets say a file is made up of 100 pieces. You download 1 piece, so you have a copy of that 1 piece. Now, lets say there are 5,000 people that still need that 1 piece. You can seed that 1 piece to them.

When you downloaded that 1 piece, you got it from someone that seeded it to you. Once you have the full file (100 pieces), you are able to seed any piece to everyone you are connected to. The speed at which this happens is limited by your upload rate and each of their download rates.

Lets say there are 50,000 people with a full copy of the file and 5,000 people that don't. These 5,000 people can take pieces from every person that has a full copy that they are connected to AND take copies of the pieces from other people that don't have a full copy (if they have a piece you need). So you may be at 50% complete of a 10 gig file, you can seed that 50% that you have.

Old days you had to get piece 1 before you got piece 2, and piece 2 before piece 3, etc.

These days, you can get any of the 100 pieces in any order. This way, it makes uploading and downloading files much more efficient and that much quicker.

I hope this helped you out.

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