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Need Help. Won't log on.


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Hey all. I'm out on the road on a tour and I can't get my bittorrent to connect to the wifi the hotel has.

I checked with the hotel.. and on all of their 10 connections they do NOT cap bandwidth..they said my probgrams should be working.. I've checked out my firewall and everything looks ok with that.. i've looked over the FAQ's and some of that port forwarding stuff and i understand most of it.. and i've ran the setup guide again and again.. and everything seems to check out ok with that.. or at the very least it says i should still be able to download. So i'm at a loss.

Can anyone give me any tips or a step by step on what to do? I'm sure this is one of the most common problems and i'm sure it's annoying getting the same crap over and over.. but it's now my turn to be "that guy" lol

thanks for any help you can give!


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