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Seeding new torrents


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So, I've been using BT for awhile now but until recently I was downloading and seeding only. I finally decided to create and upload my own torrents. I did not seed them initially and now there are issues with downloading. (I hate to admit that I had no idea what seeding really was until I read through these forums.) Is there any way to add the torrents back to BT without having to create new ones?

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amadRigal, I actually can't help you but have a related issue and I thought I would post here? If you wish me to delete it let me know, and I will.

You may be able answer this for me, it is pretty basic, and I am frustrated that I have not been able to work it out.

I have the uploading and downloading (seeding and leeching) thing down pat, and make sure I seed at a good ratio, usually at least 2 to 1 (that seems to be a consensus "good ratio" from what I've read).

Here is my issue: I have used Bittorent Plus to create torrent files to upload, and assumed I could just dump them into the seed box and they would work.

They don't, or: After two days I don't have a single "call" on stuff which probably should.

So, most basically: If I have a file, for example, a music file, an album that is a collection of MP3's in a folder, can someone describe what I hope are simple steps that will let me upload to the net?

I don't want to just be a load, I want to share what I can bring to the party, but this seems like it should be simple and I am not getting it.

Thanks, and thank you amadRigsl. I am hoping one response would cover both.


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