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Magent links download to wrong folder after update to 7.7


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Since installing the latest update, the 'magnet links' that I click on download to my C:\Users folder and not directly to my desktop like the normal torrent links do. Why is this, and is there any way to correct this problem so that all the links I click on - either torrent or magnet, are downloaded to the desktop

All the info is correct in the options menu, but its only 'magnet' links that get downloaded to the wrong folder.

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I have the same problem with BitTorrent 7.7

I have the following configuration

- Incomplete download folder: k:\Torrents\Incomplete\

- Complete downloader: k:\Torrents\Complete\

When I add torrent files by copying them to the autostart folder it works fine.

When I login to remote.utorrent.com and add a magnet file

the incomplete downloads ends up in k:\Torrents\

when the download is complete it remains in k:\Torrents\

This is a serious bug that needs to be fixed ASAP!!!

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I have been able to finally work around it by adding a "fake" directory name behind the directory I want used. Seems BT is ignoring the last directory in the path. Only for download destinations. And since I am only using magnets, I haven't experienced how direct torrent copying works.

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I see the same, or at least the same sort of, issue. Previously my only issue with BitTorrent was that it required any folder it automatically loaded torrents from to be local to the client. I run my BitTorrent client inside of a virtual machine for security reasons, and this means that I have to share out a folder from inside the VM in order for users to place the torrents so that they can be properly loaded. All other working directories, however, are mapped network locations for folders shared out internally with the VM.

Prior to 7.7 this arrangement worked perfectly fine, ignoring the fact that excess hard drive activity caused by pre-allocating files caused so much network activity that it also caused people to lose connection to the Ventrilo server I also run on said VM, but now if I try to use a magnet link the the mapped locations such as drive Y:\ cause the download to be stored in C:\Documents and Settings\<account>\Y, and if I go for direct network assignment like \\vmware-host\Shared Folders\Incomplete Downloads\ I get an error message about how the location is write protected when the area referenced is most assuredly write accessable. Were that not enough the files are then kept locally on my VM and not moved to the directory listed for holding completed downloads in the Preferences->Directories section.

The only thing I've found to work around this is to keep the Options>Preferences>UI Settings "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent in advanced mode" option checked. Unfortunately having to click okay or hit enter any time I load a magnet link gets old fast, but given that my VM only has 15gb and the alternative is quickly running out of space it's a necessary evil.

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