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Two questions...


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Hi there,

I'm relatively new to bittorrent and have a couple of questions.

Firstly, the torrent I'm currently trying to download is relatively weak. At the moment there is one seeder and 4 peers. Every so often, the downloading stops completely, and then maybe starts up again after, say, three or four (or even more) minutes. What is the reason for this, seeing as the single seeder is always online?

My second question regards the term 'swarm'. I've read that this is the collective number of seeders and peers, but this cannot be true, since my info tab now tells me: Seeds: 1 of 4 connected (0 in swarm) and Peers: 4 of 58 connected (4 in swarm). What exactly is the swarm then?

Thanks in advance to whoever can be bothered to reply.

Florio :)

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