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Can't attach a JPEG file to a psot


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I am disgusted by these so called help forums. :angry:

I wanted to post a question here about a new, annoying function added to my Bittorrent, but I cannot post a screenshot as an attachment, because every time I try it gives me an error message instead of attaching the image file to my post?? :blink:

It always comes back with "The server returned an error during upload", but the file I am trying to attach is not too big, 28Kb where it says the maximum file size is 500Kb!! <_<

The only thing I can think is that it won't accept JPEG files for some reason....

If anyone knows what is happening, please tell me!! B)

Also, I wanted to contact the moderators about this issue, but the Help Page says, "click the link 'The moderating team' found at the bottom of the main board page", and I have been unable to find any such button at the bottom of any page.... :(

Well, that is my gripe, I guess I cannot ask my real question because this forum is broken!! :mellow:

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