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Seeds but not downloading


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For years I have been using BitTorrent, but about 2 months ago, I suddenly could not connect to any of my seeds for my torrents.

There was over a hundred seeds yet it said I was connected to 0 (I was using an older version at this time)

So i decided to install the new version (7.7), same as before none of them are downloading.

This time it says that the seeds/peers are 14.400, 11.809, and infinite for my other one.

I made the settings allow exceptions for my firewall (AVG Anti-virus) and still nothing.

I then installed uTorrent to see any differences, nothing, had the same problem, except uTorrent's status is Finding peers and not downloading like BitTorrent.

Please help, I haven't been able to download torrents in a while, and its been a real hassle.

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