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VPN Safety with DHT, LPD, UPnP, PEX


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Hi all.

I am genuinely sorry if this is a repeat post but its late and I've been trying to find the answer to this for a while.

As I understand it is recommended to disable DHT, peer exchange, LPD and uPnP if you're using a socks proxy.

However, I'm using a VPN service and all my traffic is routed through that. Can I leave DHT and PeX and all that jazz whilst using a VPN service? Will it compromise anonymity? Whilst using a VPN is it advisable to turn off/on some settings in uTorrent.

I'm running the Mac version of the program if thats of any difference.

Many thanks.

And for the purposes of helping myself and others, if it does impact on anonymity whilst using a VPN service, what is the reason for this? What personally identifiable information gets transmitted from your end, through the VPN to peers?

Cheers guys.

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