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Bittorrent stopped working on Thomson TG784 triple service gateway


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Hi All,

I recently installed the thomson TG784 gateway. Triple service gateway. I replaced a d-link dir655 wireless router and a primus talk broadband gateway.

All in one box perfect! except Bittorrent has stopped working.

Before the Thomson gateway i would occasionally get up to 40k download speeds on a few seeds and the connection status was always yellow. When I installed the thomson gateway for the first time i was amazed. i had almost 600k download speeds.

Then When i turned on Bittorrent the next time. Nothing. Bittorrent has not been working since that first session.

I am really a noobe and have no idea where to start to try to resolve this so any help would be appreciated and especially some patience while i try to resolve this issue. I have attempted to set the port forwarding but am not sure if i did it properly.

Thanks in advance.

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