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Force Re-Check still at 0%


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System setup

All Bittorrent downloads and Torrents themselves on External Drive

Using BitTorrent 7.7 (build 27987) 32 bit

Windows 7 64 bit machine

Today I started BitTorrent before I attached the hard drive, DOH! I've done this a few times in the past, but try not to, as the following error has occured before, but this is the first time asking for help with it

All torrents came up "Error: Invalid downloaded state, try resuming" .. understandably

Not a big deal, I just get external drive up and going and then "Force Re-check" each torrent and most of the time continues where it left off.

Today was different, most of the torrents came up "Stopped 0.00%" ... I won't start it as I know this will overwrite full working downloaded files. I went to file location and the files from multiple file torrents that I know were completed were fine.

Like i said I've had this problem before with older BitTorrent versions as well.

I'd redownload this torrent from 0%, but I was 70 percent done on a large slow torrent (been at it for a week), a quarter of the files were 100 percent, and most of the others were over 50, any way to recover?

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I think i have figured it out... it changed it's location on the torrent as a completed file... (have incomplete and complete in different folders)

so I,

Right click torrent - Advanced - Set Download location

Enter the folder for non completed torrents,

It will warn already exists and ask if you want to overwrite... I clicked "NO"

then run force re-check again...

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