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sort order messed up


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I never sorted the list of downloads because I liked it the way it was.

It showed the list in order of downloaded items, with the ones at the top being the least amount downloaded (0.0%) and the ones at the bottom having the most amount downloaded (99.9%).

Under the last downloading item were the finished items, the ones that were seeding. I assumed this was Status order. Makes sense, right?

The other day I wanted to check out my list of items alphabetically, so I ordered them by name.

But when I tried to go back to the original ordering, I can't do it!

Ordering by Status shows the finished items at the top of the list, then follows it with 0.0% and down to the bottom, where we find 99.9%

I've tried ordering by everything that makes sense, but none of it puts it back the way it was!

Any help, please?

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