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My Computer Got AIDS from BitTorrent!


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Hey, so I just got BitTorrent and all of the following happen:

Chrome AND Mozilla close out on me. For no reason. With no warning. No, the ~20 tabs I had open as part of a research project did not get saved in the "recently closed" and all of that work will have to be redone. Hate levels: Searing

Upon reopening Chrome, I found that my homepage had been set to Bing. Bing is crap, and to make things worse, I can't seem to get rid of the thing. The look of my "new tab" menu is now grotesque and ugly. There does not seem to be "undo this crap that I did not ask for and set things back to the happy way they were before" button. Hate level: Death Valley, California at 2pm

And the icing on the cake? I now have this awful Bing Toolbar staring at me from the top of my Chrome browser. Nope, no uninstall button in sight. Hate level: Apocalypse.

I didn't ask for any of this. I declined everything there was to decline during installation. Yes, I actually read everything.

So, Bittorrent, how do I get this malicious, unwanted, and unasked for crap off my computer?

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